Sunday, September 20, 2009

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Scrapped again.... my mojo is certainly not back, but at least I did some pages with more then 1 picture (which are easier imo)...

This one is about a camp Tessa went to last year, where she learned a lot.

No words needed.... they love each other so much, something parents only can wish for!

When the weather is good, we like to take a walk at the lake near Reeuwijk. This was last autumn.

Week 33, 34 & 35

Really have to get my weekly pictures going or I will regret it! In week 33 we invited neighbours over for Tapas.... spent quite some time in the kitchen, but it was a good meal!

I have these silly kids... temps are well above 20C and what do they want to do? Baking cookies. Remco was at daycare, so I loved spending time with Tessa and Sander.

Happy birthday Paul!!!

Week 34 was about 'Vacation-game-week' (doesn't translate very well)... On the final day they had a big parade where each group had chosen a theme... Tessa's was Chinese people and Sander's was Aliens.

The week ended with a lampion parade after the big final show in town. DH walked with Sanders group and I waited to join Tessa's group.

We had a good afternoon with our dear friends Wim and Liesbeth. Long talks and some sunbading were part of it. The weather was good enough to have a small cook out!

And then week 35 was the start of a new school year....

Diner with an old friend/collegue... gee, really hope it won't take us as long to meet again. Diner was so so, but catching up with tears and laughters made it all good.

Wahooooo... Sander's first soccer game.... he was SO excited.

Monday, September 14, 2009

LOAD - page 2-5

(no idea how I get my text un-underlined :-S)

I don't have my mojo back, but I did complete a couple of pages over the weekend. The pages all are scraplifted from or even copied from other pages... Sorry for not giving credits, not sure where they came from, not from people that read my blog though.

This one has pictures of a little tradition we have before Christmas and Sinterklaas at a local pet farm. They cookies, suger glaze and candy and the kids will enjoy the proces of decorating the cookies and of course eating them afterwards

Picture taken September 2008 near the Reeuwijk-lake where we go for walks in the weekend often.

Not a page, but I include it anyway. This tagbook is made for the BPS class of Cathy Zielski 'Me, the Abridged version'. As always I am behind in this course, but I think this class is really good for me personally right now, so I am making every effort to really finish it. It's all about things that are important to me and/or that define the person I am... from persons I love, to things or places that mean something to me. Going from this tagbook a scrapbook will be made with a couple of entries for each letter of the alphabeth.

'I think, so I exist?'... page that touches the dark side of my life right now....

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Vacation pictures.... (wk 31&32)

Week 2 brachten we door op een camping vlakbij Haro, wijnhoofdstad van Rioja.

We spent week 2 of our vacation at Hara, wine capital of Rioja...

Visiting Haro...

Temperatures were around 30 degrees.... good to have an extra 'blanket' once in a while ;-)

Logro┼ćo, capital of Rioja

Wine tasting at nearby Bodega....

Tessa and Sander building the camping-cabinet at the last weeks camping (in Navarre near Pamplona)


Famous bull run street

After a picknick near this small river, it didn't take long for Tessa and Sander to get undressed and dive in the water...

I managed to run 4 times a week during our stay in Spain.... if I only knew then what I know now (having shin splint, probably because of the hills) I wouldn't be so happy and proud!

On our way home....

LOAD - page 1

Op OSU is weer een LOAD challenge voor september gestart. Omdat de maand al begonnen is, hoeven we voor deze 'LayOut A Day' nog maar 21 pagina's te maken. Geen idee of dit gaat lukken, eigenlijk weet ik al zeker dat het niet gaat lukken, maar elke pagina die ik maak, is er eentje meer dan ik de afgelopen 2 maanden heb gemaakt, dus alles is meegenomen. De eerste pagina die ik af heb was in het kader van de Telephone Scraplift op datzelfde OSU-forum, die kan ik dus nog niet laten zien, daarom een sneak preview....

At OSU we have again a LOAD challenge for September. For this LayOut A Day we only need to finish 21 pages, because the month already has started. No idea if I will manage to finish that many, actually... I kind of know for sure that I won't get it done, but every page I make is one more then I made in the last 2 months, so it's a win-win situation. The first page I finished is made for the Telephone Scraplift at OSU, so I can't show it completely, hence the preview....

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